Inventors around the world have been trying to combine the ease and utility of driving with the three-dimensional freedom of flying since the beginning of the 20th century.  The “flying car” has become a pop icon of the dream that never quite comes true.  Until now.  Terrafugia intends to be the company that catalyzes the creation of a flying car industry.

Our first product, the Transition® is a two-place, fixed wing, street legal airplane which has been internationally heralded as the “first practical flying car”.  It is designed to fit in a single car garage, be safely driven on the highway, and be flown in and out of general aviation airports.  It brings a new level of freedom, flexibility and fun to personal aviation and you can reserve yours today.

The Transition® is a Proof of Process for Terrafugia’s longer-term vision for the future of personal transportation.  This vision is embodied in the TF-X™: a four-place fixed wing aircraft with electrical assist for vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL).  TF-X™ is a hybrid electric flying car designed to revolutionize personal travel with advanced technology and intelligent vehicle systems that greatly simplify safe personal flight.  


The Terrafugia Transition(R)


Terrafugia TF-X