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Explore photos and videos for the Transition® and TF-X™ below.  More information about each aircraft is available through the links at the left.  Clicking on an image will open a larger version.

Transition® ImagesTF-X™ Images

The Transition®:

In the Air

In the air, the Transition® is easy and fun to fly:

The Transition flying over sailboats on Lake Champlain

Transition Flying Over Roads
The Transition® flies near a marina on Lake Champlain with sail boats enjoying the weather on the lake.The Transition® lets you fly over traffic, point-to-point between over 5,000 community airports around the U.S.
The Transition banking with the sun in upstate New YorkThe Terrafugia Transition flying above scattered overcast
The Transition® makes a banking turn with its chase aircraft during testing in upstate New York.The Transition® during a climb to altitude before undertaking maneuvers during a test flight.
The Terrafugia Transition flying overheadThe Terrafugia Transition flying over islands in Lake Champlain
 Our ground support team snapped this photo of the Transition® from near the runway during a low approach.The Transition® is the perfect 'weekend at the lake' getaway vehicle, letting you fly when the weather's nice and drive if it's not.
 First Flight of the Terrafugia Transition 2nd Generation PrototypeThe Terrafugia Transition Taking Off in January 2013 
 The first flight of the second generation Transition® prototype took place from Plattsburgh International Airport, in Plattsburgh, NY in March 2012. The Transition® has undergone flight testing in a wide range of conditions, including this January 2013 deployment at Lawrence Municipal Airport in North Andover, MA.


Coverting between modes in the Transition® is simple:

The Terrafugia Transition unfolding at the airportThe Terrafugia Transition unfolding at the airport 
 Converting from car to plane mode in the Transition® is as simple as putting down the top on a convertable and is done without leaving the cockpit.The wings of the Transition® unfold electromechanically from inside the cockpit; shifting from propeller power to rear wheel drive is as simple as putting it in reverse. 

  On the Ground

On the ground, the Transition® is street legal, highway capable, and fits in a single car garage: 

The Terrafugia Transition Leaving GarageThe Terrafugia Transition driving to the airport
 The Terrafugia Transition® fits in a standard construction single car garage. The Transition® is fully street legal and is designed to meet all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.
The Terrafugia Transition driving to the airportDriving the Terrafugia Transition in the Rain

The license plate on the Transition® is stowed against the bottom of the stabilator in flight but deploys automatically when the wings are folded.

 In bad or marginal weather, you can just land your Transition® and drive to your destination, instead of taking an unnecessary risk in the air or getting stuck on the ground.

The Terrafugia Transition filling up at the pumpDriving through the gate at the airport
 The Transition® runs on high octane unleaded automotive gasoline, which is cheaper and better for the environment than traditional aviation fuel. Gate access already exists at most community airports; just drive the Transition® onto the field, deploy the wings, and get ready to fly.
The Terrafugia Transition driving at the New Hampshire Motor SpeedwayThe Terrafugia Transition driving at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway
 Extensive drive testing is conducted at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway to ensure the Transition® is ready for road use. Using the turn signals is optional in the pattern in flight, but a must on the road.  The Transition® also has brake and reverse lights just like a normal car.



The TF-X™ is Terrafugia's vision for the future of personal transportation.

The TF-X™ Vision:

Terrafugia TF-XTF-X: Freedom, Safety and Convenience 
 The TF-X™ is a plug-in hybrid on the ground.

 In cruise, the main 300hp engine provides thrust and charges the batteries.

TF-X: Highway Driving
TF-X: Speed and Safety
 TF-X™ drives like a normal car. The TF-X™ will have a range of at least 500 miles (800 km). 
 TF-X: Vertical Takeoff and LandingTF-X: Personal Flight
 Electric motors provide a clean, quiet lift-off and landing.The TF-X™ will fit inside a single car garage.

Artist renderings of the TF-X™:

TF-X Drive ModeTF-X VTOL Mode

TF-X Flight Mode


TF-X™ images designed in collaboration with Vedran Martinek, Professional Transportation/Automotive Designer.

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