Terrafugias Transition to be displayed at the MIT Museum as part of the Cambridge Science Festival in April

On April 25, 2015, Terrafugias Transition prototype vehicle will be on display in front of the MIT Museum on Front Street in Cambridge. The Cambridge Science Festival is presented by the MIT Museum in collaboration with the City of Cambridge, community organizations, schools, universities and businesses. The Festival runs from April 17 through April 26.

Engineering the Transition

The second in our WhatDrivesYou series, we are pleased to share: Engineering the Transition. Kevin Colburn, COO & VP Engineering, and Andrew Heafitz, Chief Engineer explain taking the idea of a flying car through the design process and ultimately to the market with Terrafugia’s Transition.

The Founding Terrafugia Team

The first in our WhatDrivesYou series, we are pleased to share: The Founding Terrafugia Team. How did Terrafugia begin? What drove focused graduate students to make the leap into the unknown? Listen to Terrafugia Co-Founders share what drove them to not only create a new company, but define an emerging industry.

Transition in Local Woburn Parade

Terrafugia was proud to support our local community by participating in the “Woburn Host Lions Club, 60th Annual Halloween Parade.” The Transition and members of the team marched from Showcase Cinemas in Woburn to the Winchester line on Sunday, October 26, 2014, beginning at 1 pm.

Transition Two-Person Flight Tests

May of 2014 marked a huge milestone in the Transition program: two-person flights! Watch here as Carl Dietrich, Alex Min, Richard Gersh, and Vanessa Blakeley, all from the Terrafugia Team, relay their first experiences piloting the flying car.

My First Flight in the Transition

It was a moment I had been anticipating for most of my life: the first time I would take to the air in a machine that I had a hand in designing. This flight, and the flights of the other 11 “2-person test subjects” marked a milestone in the history of Terrafugia — the first… Read more »