Carl Dietrich

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An Open Design Opportunity!

We at Terrafugia are fortunate to have the opportunity to develop the future of personal transportation.  It's a fantastic position for those of us fortunate enough to work here, but in the past it has been frustrating because there have been so many wonderful people who have wanted to help us with whom we could not practically engage.  The management overhead needed to get something useful out of a group of volunteers was not an efficient use of our corporate resources -- no matter how much we appreciated the sentiment.  

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My First Flight in the Transition®

It was a moment I had been anticipating for most of my life: the first time I would take to the air in a machine that I had a hand in designing.  This flight, and the flights of the other 11 "2-person test subjects" marked a milestone in the history of Terrafugia -- the first time people other than our Chief Test Pilot, Phil Meteer, got the opportunity to fly a Transition®.

Where we are going, we don't need roads...

I am frequently asked about the need for our vehicles to drive on the road -- especially in the context of TF-X™ -- a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft that can bring users much closer to their final destination by air.  Engineers are quick to identify that the added weight of a robust ground-drive system could translate to extra payload, extra range, or additional performance if we did not require the vehicle to drive.  Why then would we choose to incorporate a system that allows highway driving when the other capabilities of TF-X™ would seem to render driving obsolete?