The Transition®

The Transition® is the world’s first practical flying car. A folding-wing, two-seat, roadable aircraft, the Transition® is designed to fly like a typical Light Sport Aircraft in the air and drive like a typical car on the ground. It will run on premium unleaded automotive gasoline, fit in a standard construction single-car garage, and convert between flight and drive modes in under a minute.

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In the air, the Transition® will have a cruise range of 400 miles with top speeds up to 100 miles per hour. On the ground, the Transition® will drive at highway speeds. The Transition® will create a new dimension of freedom, fun, and flexibility, and will bring a new standard of safety to personal aviation.

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The Transition® will be equipped with a full suite of automotive safety features, including airbags, pre-tensioning load-limiting seatbelts, a crumple zone, safety cage, and more, in addition to a full vehicle parachute. Furthermore, the incorporation of advanced autonomous flight technologies such as automatic terrain avoidance will make the Transition® one of the safest light sport aircraft airplanes in the sky.

The Transition®

Cruise Speed: 100 mph
Useful Load: 500 pounds
Range: 400 miles
Maximum Altitude: 10,000 feet
Engine: Rotax 912iS
Fuel Burn (at cruise): 5 gph
Dimensions (Drive Mode): 6.5’ x 7.5’ x 19.5’
Dimensions (Flight Mode): 6.5’ x 26.5’ x 19.5’



The first prototype was built and flown in 2009, followed by a second iteration in 2012. Today, Terrafugia is finalizing production vehicle design and compliance testing in preparation for the first vehicle deliveries.

The Transition®The Terrafugia Transition®